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2013-12-19 01:30:37 by n21s

Burp !


2013-12-03 12:57:37 by n21s




2013-12-03 11:16:48 by n21s

Do you have a good hope on my animations on 2014 ?

Well.. im gonna change a account after reahing a good animation style and start everything again , for now im dead but my animation going better and better , that it , Bye

Bye , for now

Its time to seriously back to this shit !

2013-11-30 05:41:58 by n21s

Yes , guess who back... I will soon probably on next year change a account by some reasons , also dont except tests from me because i will formatting a computer in december and prepare to change a account , i want forget this accont and start everything again. Also my animation going better and better , looking more smooth im think its smilar to this guy , if you want see , under this text is a test.

Da Test

What do you think , rate it 0/10 , and tell me , its good , bad , idk , or almost perfect , write a comment , plz

Its time to seriously back to this shit !

I will...

2013-11-25 06:08:28 by n21s back.


2013-11-17 07:47:17 by n21s

Hi , im the jackkrimfe im stooopid retarded child , im say i have 30 years but it innt true , im cant make good madness and im only imposting things and animations , im lonely , no one like me , im asking everyone `can u adddd mi to coolag` and if someone unagreed im tell `fcuk ju`. Im one of the worst NG users and im too retarded too know , undestand this , im never do a good costrucitive critism im only tell `cooooollll !!!111` if some one tell me about this im starting hating his and spamming. im also making shittty madness shit pseudo `animations` and tell vote 5`
Guys... seriously this fag even copied my text !

Good and bad news ?

2013-11-04 09:38:38 by n21s

Ok , sorry for everything and please read.

Bad news

Im changed a plans.
My collab is stopped on this moment and will be re activated on 2014 on my new accout , sorry for all members
and please keep working , yes new accout will be created on 2014 when i have better animation style
im changing a account mostly becase im spawned too much shit on this account and i want re-start my NG live and
something like this stuff.

Good news

My animation style are sightly better , also i have great ideas for MD14 and i do a really original animation
with duration about 7:00 minutes , blood , many body count , epic showdown , and much more.

Sorry for all and next news post will be probably last on this account.

- n21s


2013-10-17 14:43:34 by n21s

I actually learned new stuff and also im must tell you something.... Im audiophile.
Im back probably in december , see ya guys and remember fuck yourself.
Click this faggot
10/20/13 - I getting better on this :D
10/31/13 - JK BraB fucktards and happeh haloween
10/31/13 - Click here to see a page of impostor.

Once again....

2013-10-14 10:21:34 by n21s

Yes , once again.
I Cancelled madness package , sorry , yes im asshole but i not broke the promise.
Im try back in january because i must remake my animation style , someone probably tell me ` your animation style is good`.
But im back in january 2014 with another cartoon.
Actually im trying doing it good like Delamortes , Djjaner , even Kenamii.
Once again sorry.

- n21s

Working on something.

2013-10-07 05:23:43 by n21s

Yeah i started working on new madness toon named `Madness Package`.
The flash will be probably relased at the jauary 2014 , eventually february or later but i promise in first four months , also animation will be much better than my previous submissions.
Here is the screenshot of my toon :)
34% Done

Working on something.